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1.What does Tai Chi Chuan mean?

When hearing of Tai Chi Chuan many people imagine old people in China going to public parks in the early morning to do slow and dance like movements. In fact there is much more behind these exercises than is gained from the first impression.

In the framework of our modern life we tend to lose our natural calmness which is essential for us to live happily. Modern life usually puts emphasis on “outer” world matters whereas Tai Chi Chuan opens opportunities to find an inner balance and to achieve a wider harmony with our environment.

2.Where and how can I learn Wu Tai Chi Chuan?

The best way to learn Wu Tai Chi Chuan is to search for a teacher certified by Ma Jiang Bao. You will find a list of teachers on this site under “Teacher”.

3. Are there examinations and belts like in e.g. Karate?

As the traditional Wu Tai Chi Chuan is not interested in sports competition, there are no external or clothing differences between practitioners.
There are however examinations to gain the status of a teacher. The purpose of this is to maintain the high quality of teaching.

4. Is there Wu Tai Chi Chuan at adult education centres?

Many of the EWTC’s teachers do not only teach at private schools, but also at public institutions such as adult education centres. Just ask one of the teachers around.

5. How can I get actual information?

The Homepage provides all the information you need.

6. Why should I join the EWTC?

The EWTC has taken up the cause for cultivating, supporting, and developing the Wu Tai Chi Chuan, so everybody who is interested in taking part in this mission is welcome.

7. How high is the annual fee?

Admission fee is 3.00€ (reduced for pupils and students 2.00€). Annual fee 30.00€ (reduced 21.00€). Admission fee is 3.00€ (reduced for pupils and students 2.00€). On registration the first annual and admission fee needs to be paid. For details please see fee information.

8. How can I become a teacher?

The basis for gaining teacher status is continuous training in Wu Tai Chi Chuan under the supervision of an EWTC certified teacher.

Beside mastering the slow form, further exercises, education in didactics and attendance at seminars held by master Ma Jiang Bao are obligatory.

The teacher and master Ma Jiang Bao together decide whether the candidate has achieved the right level of expertise to be permitted to take the teachers’ exam. There is no time limit. The decision about whether a student can become a teacher depends on his or her personal development and abilities.

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