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Mark Rusman
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Mark Rusman

6595 Ottersum
Tel.: 0031(0)6-51985178


Teacher Traditional Wu Style Taijiquan according to Ma Jiangbao Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioner

Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated by martial arts. After studying different styles of martial arts I started practicing Wu Style Taiji in 1988 and never stopped. At first I began studying TCM to better understand the underlying energetics of Taijiquan, but later, after being totally grasped by the fascinating Chinese worldview, it became my profession. As such I had my own practice and taught TCM in one of the major educational institutes in the Netherlands for many years.

Nowadays my primary occupation is Taijiquan. In my own Institute all those aspects (martial arts, philosophy, and Chinese medicine) harmoniously come together within the strict framework of Master Ma Jiangbao’s teachings. Via this platform I hope to realize two main goals; to inspire people and promote Wu style Taijiquan in all its fascinating and colorful aspects.

Man emulates Earth, Earth emulates Heaven, Heaven emulates Dao,
And, Dao emulates what is spontaneously so!

Dao De Jing – chapter 25

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