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Our teacher apprenticeship

To ensure the quality of the Wu-style there are regularly teacher seminars.

The participation is the condition to take the teachers exam and will be further necessary to extend the teachers certificate.
The participants will be instructed and corrected in their own practice, so that they can master and show the contents of the wu-style properly. They will be further tutored how to transfer and explain the contents of the style.
Beside the practical movement-training fundamental background knowledge will be presented e.g. from medicine, history and philosophy.

time & place

Teacher seminars will be held usually at the 1st weekend at Lake Constance (D) and at the 3rd weekend in Venlo (NL).
Interested people should make contact early enough to the executive bodies of the EWTC to inform themselves about the contents of the seminar to be able to prepare for it ideally.

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