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The beginning

The historical back ground of Tai Chi Chuan remains a myth. It is said that during the 13th century the Daoist monk Zhang San Feng developed this Martial Art at the Wudang mountain after closely observing a fight between a crane and a snake. Historically, it is proved to be a form of exercise developed by Master Chen Wanting ( 1597-1664) presumably for preparing his soldiers for real fights.


In the following centuries the art of Tai Chi Chuan was handed down from generation to generation within the families. The Yang Style derived from the Chen tradition, whereas the Wu Style has its origins in the middle of the 19th century starting with Wu Quan You a disciple of Yang Lutan and Yang Banhou the main representatives of the Yang Style at that time.

In the 20th century

The traditional Wu Tai Chi Chuan was kept in family tradition until Wu Quan You’s son Jian Quan carried it out to the public for the first time in the beginning of the 20th century. His son-in-law and master disciple Ma Yue Liang was the first who carried the Wu tradition out of China to Europe.


Ma Jiang Bao, one of the sons of Ma Yue Liang and who accompanied him on the journey through Europe returned to Germany in 1986 (and is currently living in the Netherlands) to promote and establish the Wu Tai Chi Chuan. He was taught from childhood on and passes on his knowledge to many students who meanwhile practise and teach in several European countries.

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