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Theory of Tai Ji Quan (Lilun)

For our Whitsun-Seminar 2012 Mark Rusmann has made a booklet about interesting points of tai ji quan. Here you can find the PDF in english language and nederlandse vertaling to download. It is made to activate you to think about Lilun (taiji philosophy).

This Powerpoint Presentation contains the sheets I used in my lecture during the yearly Wu Style Taijiquan Whitsun weekend 2014.

The starting-point of this lecture is the use of Da Ling (P-7 acupoint) in the slow form of the Wu Style. According to the counting of sifu Ma Jiangbao the long form consists of 100 postures and in 30 % of these postures Da Ling is used. That’s a lot, and therefore deserves a thorough investigation and explanation. In actuality this lecture is about the Heart (Xin) and the way it rules (Xinzhu) the human empire within the framework of the holistic view of nature (Tian-Di).

I realize you probably should have attended this lecture to make heads or tails of these sheets, but I wish you all a lot of fun reading them in the hope they will actuate your own research into the inner workings of this fascinating discipline called Taijiquan.

  2012 Wu style Questions and Answers with Ma Jiangbao PDF 2012 English (217 kB)
  2014 Sliding down the Mountain, the inner workings of Da Ling (P7), PPT English (2.10 MB)
  2015 What if heaven were to fall down PPTX English (1.93 MB)

Lecture "about structure" 2015

Ever since China has opened up its border and shared their cultural heritage with the world, the development of understanding in the West has gone through several stages. The same goes for Taijiquan. Nowadays its not a problem of information shortage anymore, but a question of contextual cultural implementation. This is a necessity, because the Chinese worldview greatly differs from our own.

In this lecture I have tried to explain the concept of structure within taijiquan from a Chinese perspective, to recover the "hidden" meaning of this concept. Reading these sheets (abstract) will not contribute to a deeper understanding, but I hope it will boost your inspiration to explore Chinese culture in general and taijiquan in specific.

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