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Learning and practise

„Wu style Tai Chi Chuan: The slow form“

The short and slow form detailed description and illustrated with more than 800 photos. The “Blue Book”, essential for intensive practitioners.
By Nina Wagner/ Werner Klüfer, ISBN: 3-932330-02-1

“Tai Chi Chuan” by Ma Jiang Bao

Master Ma talks about how to practise Tai Chi and the importance of a good teacher. A beautiful book including many photographs from his family.
ISBN: 3-932330-91-9

Theory and philosophy

Editions of „Li Lun“ and the “Philosophical reader for Tai Chi Chuan 1+2” by Freya and Martin Bödicker www.wu-taichi.de


„Yi Jing“ and „Dao De Jing“ both are available in different editions at any bookselling

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