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Romanian Seminar in Brasov from 19.05. - 21.05.

A great seminar is awaiting us also this year in Brasov.

In 2016 Fanel had already organized 2 tuishou seminars in Brasov (Romania).
We want to build up this tradition and to integrate the form of course.
The character of the seminar is -besides the content- united with a nice short holiday and in spite of the journey very convenient and really refreshing.
Please check your flight options to Sibiu (best) or to Bucarest (second choice) to reach Brasov. There are several airlines which are offering cheap flights.
For help please contact Fanel or me.
We - friends from the Cologne region in Germany- will drive to Stuttgart to fly from there. If anybody wants to join this "travel pool" please contact me.
Please check further details in the attached invitation (german/english).
The seminar will be held in english, romanian and german, so that everybody should be able to follow.

Date: 19. Mai - 21. Mai 2017
The seminar will cover the full spectrum of the Wu style for beginners and advanced students: Preexercises, long form and mainly pushhands.

  Seminar Brasov (722 kB)

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