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Pushhands for everybody

The seminar is dealing with the partner exercises, as Ma Jiangbao is teaching them. It is exactly the method of exercising, which was practiced already by the bodyguards at the chinese imperial palace.
It is for beginners, avanced students and also for people from other styles as well as people from other martial arts. The goal ist to get a deep understanding for the partner exercises and to practice the new insights with nice parners in a gentle manner.

This seminar takes place every month, the second saturday
Where: 10:00 - 14:00 Uhr
When: 51381 Leverkusen-Bergisch-Neukirchen,
Wuppertalstraße 8, Turnhalle

For further information please contact
Udo Kästner • info@wolkenhaende.de
Phone: +49 176 64091366

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